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Isaiah: Post NYC Trip Blog

”What’s wrong with me,“ said Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls the Musical. That was a quote from my favorite musical that I have ever seen. Not only was it a comedy musical it was a real traditional Broadway musical because it had all of these lights but because it was such a classic movie that I have watched over and over again. And although we saw three other musicals, including “Be More Chill,” “Ain’t Too Proud, “ and “Dear Evan Hansen,” Mean Girls was my favorite .

Although we went out for every meal and there was so much to choose from I still think that Fogo De Chao topped them all I have never had any other experience like that. The way that the system worked out like the way that they brought out so many different meats and some of them were wrapped in bacon and tasted so amazing. There was also this place called Ray’s Pizza and they had a very interesting set up too because they had a whole bunch of cold pizzas in this glass shelf and then they put it into this really hot oven and it comes out all crispy and delicious and not to be a fatty, but it was also really big so I think those places were the most enjoyable.

”Where do you belong?“ said Damian Hubbard from Mean Girls the Musical. This quote is perfect for this paragraph because I am still figuring out this New York/Broadway dream of mine. I have wanted to go to Juilliard for three years and now I don't know if I want to go to Juilliard because they don’t have a musical theater program but I think I have a new plan which is to work at Ellen’s Stardust Diner because I learned while I was there that there is at least 1 Ellen’s stardust diner alumni in every broadway show that is going on right now and I like those odds so I hope to get in and work there.

I would like to thank Mr. Kitsu for taking us on this amazing trip. This year’s trip was a better learning experience than the one we went on two years ago because I was so crazy and did not pay attention to anything that was happening around me but now I have a better perspective on the world I am getting myself into . I would also like to thank my grandfather because he has been one of my biggest supporters and came on this trip and made this trip so much better because he really helped me learn everything I could. He answered my question he asked me about my plans and put everything like living costs and classes into perspective.

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