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”That’s so fetch,” said Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls the musical.

Aloha, my name is Isaiah Jones Timson I go to Kapolei High School and I will be in the 10th grade and this is my second time going to New York with NPAC. I am ecstatic to make new memories with this current and excited group of students.

My favorite place that we went to last year was a tour of Julliard. I really enjoyed learning about my dream school. I am excited to go back because I have some questions that I want to ask our tour guide — like about living quarters, classes, and life after college.

I feel like this is kinda basic but I think that my favorite restaurant was Olive Garden although it was not the most New York City thing you could eat, it was really good and we don’t have it on the island so I was really happy I could go. My second favorite thing was Ellen’s Stardust Diner because they had the most amazing singing and the food was adequate.

To sum up everything that has been said I am excited to go to New York City to re-experience the sights, sounds, taste, smells, and the musicals (Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, Ain’t Too Proud, and Be More Chill). That’s it for me see you in New York.

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