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Alexis: Post NYC Trip Blog

Aloha, it’s Alexis Cardines again, back with another journal. This time I'll be talking about my experience in New York and why, what I learned, and also how the trip has changed me. All in all, this trip was a great experience for me because it allowed me to learn more about what it takes to be a performer throughout the Broadway shows we were able to attend. New York itself is everything I imagined it would be. It’s tall buildings, it’s attractions, the honking, and the fast pace. I feel like I couldn’t choose just some of the highlights but here we go.

The first highlight is just being able to go to New York for the first time and experiencing something new. It is exactly what I expected, New York is really unique in its own way and it's also a place where you find who you are and want to be. After talking to one of the performers in Be More Chill, they inspired me to continue reaching for my goals and also to never give up in what was hard to do or accomplish. Speaking of Be More Chill I’m very excited that we are able to do this show. At the ending of the show when we got to go on top of a Broadway stage and actually talk with one of the cast members named Jason Tam and we got to ask him for advice for ourselves of ways we can improve in becoming a better performer in the performing arts. After talking to Jason I cried because the advice he gave us really got to me and it also proves we can become better if we keep on trying and also believing that anything is possible.

The second big thing was the 9/11 memorial and museum. It was a huge experience. As you walk through the museum you really get impacted by the pain, the sorrow, and the forgiveness. I personally didn’t know anyone who passed in 9/11, however, it was very emotional and very touching. I remember seeing a small Statue Of Liberty filled with pictures of the people who died. Another thing I remember was watching a documentary of when one of the planes crashed into the north tower and the second plane crashing into the south tower, watching that documentary when the plane crashed and seeing people jumping off the building really got to me that I ended up crying. As we continued walking through the museum I just started to cry even more due to the pain, the sorrow, and the forgiveness that I saw on top of the screens and hearing all those people screaming for help while the buildings we collapsing.

The third big thing was the night tour we did around the city. It’s very beautiful seeing the city come to life at night. As your riding to the floating park it really slowly comes to life as you’re getting off the bus but the part I really love about the night tour was our final destination because seeing the city from a view like that is very beautiful and rare. On Oahu you barely get views like this unlike New York you can see everything coming to life at night.

The fourth highlight would have to be is the transportation, there is more than you might have thought there would be. First I want to talk about the subway, it is very dirty in the underground area and also very hot, however riding the subway for the first time is very interesting for how everything in and around the subway works and looks like. One time while I was on the subway I was holding onto one of the bars near the doors and then a homeless looking man was asking everyone for money than he started walking toward me which was scarier than Faith’s mom Auntie Davianne went in front of me then she told me to go to Uncle Keith so then I did but the homeless looking man continued to come near me so then Uncle Keith told him to go away so the man did, to me that was one of the most scariest subway rides I've been on throughout the trip.

The last and best thing of this trip was watching all the Broadway shows and meeting different cast members. The first show we saw was Mean Girls, it was very good to me. As you walk into the lobby area it’s very crowded because in the lobby there’s a merchandise booth and a drink area, and after the show, we got to meet Erika who plays Cady in Mean Girls. The next show we saw was Ain’t Too Proud, it was also very crowded because it was the life story of the Temptations and after the show, we got to meet 3 of the cast members and they gave us advice about being a performer. The third show we saw was Dear Evan Hansen and this musical was one of the best musicals we saw and it was very emotional because this musical is based upon a true story, we didn’t get to meet anyone from this musical but overall it was fun watching it. Lastly, we saw my ultimate favorite Be More Chill like I said before we got to meet Jason Tam and he gave us advice about being a performer and ways we can improve being a performer so I'm thankful that I got to see and meet some or at least one of the actors from these Broadway shows.

In the end, this trip had so many great things that can’t go into only one journal. I’m so happy I got to go on this trip, it was an amazing experience. The people there all seemed to know what they want, where to get it, how to get it, and go for it.

I have been able to experience New York in the best way possible, with family. When I say family I mean my NPAC family. I have been with NPAC for three years now. For me, NPAC is where I belong and it’s also the place where I can be myself around others. NPAC is my escape from school drama and fights around school. The people in NPAC give me the ability to feel safe and to act dumb not in a bad way but a good way. Lastly, I would like to say I'm thankful for this opportunity for being able to go on this amazing and adventurous trip in New York with NPAC.

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