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Aloha, my name is Alexis Cardines and this will be my first trip to New York, I go to Nanakuli High and Intermediate School and I will be a junior. I am excited to experience life in a big city and am looking forward to seeing all the attractions and tasting food that New York is known for.

The reason why I want to go on this trip to New York is because I want to learn more about the performing arts and what it takes to be a performer in a big city. Since it’s my first time going to New York I’m excited to taste all the foods, see all the attractions New York is known for, and be able to see a live broadway show first hand. The focus of this trip to me is to experience the life of being in a big city, to learn what it takes to be a performer just by seeing a broadway show or what it takes to get into NYU or Juilliard.

Our first stop will be Juilliard. I am excited to see how big the facility is. I’ve seen pictures and it looks huge. The things I’m excited to see are all the attractions and broadway shows that New York is known for. Another thing I’m excited to do is The Ride because it’s a bus tour at night in New York where you get to see everything come alive at night.

I’m looking forward to experience the Broadway shows and seeing all the time, hard work and dedication that the performers put in to make the show come alive. I hope we get a chance to meet some of the cast members so that they can share their experiences with us. But most of all to ask the cast members advice for people who wish to be like them one day.

We then head to New York University for a guided tour. I’m glad I am being given a chance to see what college is like in a big city. The experience may make me want to attend a college like that.

I’m interested in learning what it takes to be a Broadway performer and all the time, dedication and commitment that it takes for them to slowly bring all the characters and show to life. Throughout watching my first Broadway performance i’ll be able to decide if I want to take up theatre when I go to college and become a broadway performer or if I just want to watch a broadway show first hand and become a person who knows the skills about being a performer and how much time and dedication it takes just to put a whole show together.

I just wanted to say that I’m very excited to be going on this trip to New York with NPAC and I hope I’ll be able to go on more trips with NPAC soon.

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