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Aloha, my name is Faith Rosario and I’ve been with NPAC for the past three years and I will be a junior next year. It’s been amazing being able to perform and bond with such strikingly good people. This is my first trip with NPAC and I’m thrilled to see the “Trip Mr.Kitsu” that I’ve heard so much about.

I went to New York once before with my school to greet the Hokule’a but it was a school centric trip so I didn’t get to enjoy the city as much as I’d initially hoped. I’m really excited this time around because I know that Mr. Kitsu and the rest of those traveling with me will make sure I have a good experience in the city that never sleeps.

I’m super hyped to visit NYC because I’m really passionate about performing arts and hope to attend school in New York to hone my skills and become a better person and performer. I see visiting NYC as an opportunity to become more accustomed to life in the city and to scout colleges I would maybe want to attend. I’m most excited to see NYU and Julliard because those are my top two schools that I’m striving to attend.

I’m looking forward to eating at Ellen’s Stardust Diner because last years group talked them up so much. I heard that the waiters and waitresses sing to the customers and I would really love to see that. I want to find out if the food would be as good as the supposed service.

I’m excited to shop in Shubert Alley because they have a lot of merchandise from my favorite shows. Including one we’re going to see, Be More Chill. I have followed Be More Chill since their initial 2015 release and have loved their cast and crew since then. I’m also excited to see Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, and Ain’t Too Proud. I have listened through the soundtracks and found that I like the music and use of their voices.

I really want to see Dylan’s Candy Store because I am a huge fan of candy and have heard really good things about the store. I would want to get something as big as my head, however, I know carrying it might be a problem.

I’m hoping to learn what it takes to not only be a professional performer, but also just an inhabitant of the City that never sleeps. Because New York is where I want to study, it’s even better for me to be going there this summer as junior year is approaching quickly.

Although just being in the city is a surreal experience, we are seeing four Broadway shows. One of which is one of my FAVORITES. I’m also really hyped to go shopping and eat as much as my heart, or rather, stomach desires.

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