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NYC Post Trip Blog: Brandy

I'm so very grateful that I got the opportunity to go on this trip and experience the things I did,

and honestly everything was a highlight for me. However, if I had to chose my top three, they definitelywould have to be touring NYU and Juilliard, the 9/11 memorial, The Ride, all the places we ate, and of course Kinky Boots.

Both the NYU and Juilliard tours really opened my eyes to my options and I honestly see myself going to either one. With NYU, what really interested me is that there were so many different buildings for different subjects, which was really cool to me. NYU offers a lot of non art majors which is really helpful if I decide whether or not I would like to continue in the arts. Juilliard interested me in many ways such as having cool stairs and information and past background of who went to the school and what it is. They offer many individual subjects in art, such as dancing, singing, and acting, which is very important because usually all three would be combined into theatre at most schools. However, Juilliard gives you the option of just focusing on one if you don’t want to do all three.

The 9/11 memorial was another highlight for me. Walking through the building and the rooms really put me into perspective of what people around the world are dealing with and how that tragedy brought our country together, which was very beautiful.

The Ride was honestly so unexpectedly amazing, and it was another highlight for me. I thought we were just going to be on a bus getting a little tour of New York, but boy was I wrong. Our hosts Jackie and Scott were hilarious and just so entertaining throughout the whole ride and I've never laughed so much at corny jokes in my life.

“The food in New York was okay” - said no one ever. The food and all the different places that we ate at were amazing! Each place we ate at I tried my best to get something I've never had and I think I was successful in that category. From bakeries, to diners, to Juniors, to Guy Fieri's, and even Ellen’s Stardust Diner were all new experiences that I've been lucky enough to enjoy. Also I got to try my first New York hot dog and pretzel which was a real big highlight for me.

The Broadway show Kinky Boots was another highlight for me. Okay...that was a night to remember for me. Not only did I enjoy the show, but I, Brandy Senas, was in the same building as Brendon Urie. I practically inhaled the air he was exhaling. I even got to stand on the stage that his very own feet walked and performed on. WOW. Also the cast did fantastic in delivering the message that really fits into how our society is now.

What I learned from the trip is that you need to push and work towards what you want in life. Things will not just be given to you. The cast members of Miss Saigon, Sam Strasfeld and Lina Lee (which I was honored to be able to meet) have eight shows a week and have been doing it for years, yet every time they talk about it, it's as if they just joined yesterday and you can see the happiness in their eyes, and it really does show they enjoy it when they perform. It's so magical and I think myself and the people who got to go on this trip with me really benefited from this experience.

This trip changed my perspective on many things such as college, my career pathway, and where I'd like to live. The career I'm looking at is theatre, because just being on a stage and performing really uplifts me in a way that I never knew was possible before, and I'm just really thankful to NPAC for helping me find it. This trip opened my eyes to endless opportunities that I could have in New York. New York is where I'd like to live, though it sounds really cliché because a lot of people want to live there and find their dream job and I'm not much different. I just love the environment up there, how people are always in a rush and they just know what they want and they go after it. Also I may sound crazy but I like the horns, they kind of sound like a symphony.

But in all seriousness, I'm so grateful that I got this opportunity to experience all of it and not only was it fun, but it was very educational, and since I'm an upcoming junior I have to be looking for colleges now. However, after going on this trip I don't think it'll be that hard anymore.

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