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NYC Post Trip Blog: Isaiah

While there were so many amazing opportunities and fun times throughout our time in New York, my top highlights are definitely The Ride, the Juilliard tour, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Madame Tussauds.

I loved Jackie from The Ride, she was so funny and gave us a lot of fun facts and information about NYC. I feel like I could work for The Ride, if I don’t become an actor. The Juilliard tour peaked my interests to different colleges and I would be interested in going to a school like Juilliard. Juilliard has so much rich history and I would love to not have math or science. If i get in they will make sure that money is not an issue and I get to meet people from the profession.

I enjoyed the Ripley’s museum because I have every book from 2013 to 2016. Since I have all the books, I was overjoyed when I heard that we were going there. I also saw the Lizard Man and how they made the statue and the Vampire Woman. Also the Madame Tussauds wax museum, was lit and it was so much fun. The characters looked so real and that lady that scared Kai was funny.

I also really loved Ellen’s Stardust Diner because they were really creative and talented. Out of the three shows we saw my favorite was Kinky Boots, they were so funny.

I really liked the tour of NBC Studios it was really interesting because there are so many things that have to happen to make SNL go live.

The Statue of Liberty boat ride made me nauseous. The 9 /11 museum spooked me out I just got chills looking at the faces of all the people that died. I went to Olive Garden for the first time in my life.

I learned a lot like all the history and some fun facts about the city. The population of NYC is 8.3 million. Brooklyn is the most populated part of New York. I also learned that the Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall.

When we had dinner with Sam and Lina, I asked Sam if his job was easy and he said, he doesn't get to see his family and he did not get jobs.

I do feel different like my feet hurt and mentally, I feel more prepared like for the world of performing and what it's going to be like. My love for performing cannot be stronger. I feel like I was born to perform and be awesome, these shows inspired me so much. Thank you Mr.Kitsu, Grandma, Grandpa, and my Mom for being my biggest supporters.

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