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Pre-NYC Trip Blog: Malachi

Hmm. What are some things that I, Malachi Keohuloa, are looking forward to on this trip? Well, for starters, I can't wait to actually get there! This trip will be the first time in my LIFE ever leaving the state. I'm super pumped about going to New York. I've always been fascinated by the Big Apple and all the sights to see while there. For example, the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty. I've also really liked the sound of busy streets like they have in New York.

The reason I'm going on this trip with NPAC so that I may acquire the skills it takes to become an excellent performer. Hopefully, after taking the Broadway workshop, I may leave New York with better skills than I came with.

One of the greatest wishes I have is to go and watch a Broadway production. But since we are planning on watching not one, not two, but THREE shows! We're going to watch Waitress, Kinky Boots, and Miss Saigon. I'm really eager to watch Waitress because it's music was written by one of my favorite song artist, Sara Bareilles. I'm also excited to watch Kinky Boots because one of the characters, Charlie Price, will be played by Brendon Urie!

While we're on this trip, I hope to learn many theatre skills by participating in the Broadway workshop. I look forward to working with professionals to help build my skills on and off stage. It'll help me become a better performer and possibly have better people skills. For example, I hope to learn to get over my fear of public speaking. I'm sure it's something a lot of us don't like doing, but to be a performer, you should be able to perform in front of a crowd. So, I'm hoping that I can learn to not be afraid of performing in front people. This skill won't only help me on stage but can teach me to not be afraid to talk to people.

I think that going on this trip will prepare me for life away from home. Being away from a place that I've grown used to may be tough but I'm hoping that this trip will give me what I need to survive that. Especially since I planned on possibly going to New York or Los Angeles for school. Maybe some of the experience that I'll face on this trip will help me determine where I want to go. I may not like what I see in New York and decide that it isn't the place for me.

But, I'm just really happy and grateful to be going to New York. I can only hope for great times with everyone and for cool, fun experiences . I'm stoked! I can't wait to go in this trip, I hope that we'll have loads of fun.

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