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Pre-NYC Trip Blog: Kylie

Hi my name is Kylie Butler, and this is the summer before I start high school. I have been in NPAC for two years and I hope for many more. In this journal I will be writing about what I am looking forward to on this trip as well as what I hope to learn.

I am going on this trip to learn more about New York and the performing arts. Going to New York has been one of my dreams for a while. It's kind of corny but New York is where a lot of people made it big. I love the idea of New York being this big city where you can completely redesign yourself and find who you are. Performing arts is a passion that has been with me for a really long time. I love that I have the power to change someone's perspective on a subject.

I am excited about just being in New York, in the concrete jungle, it's the city of dreams that come true. I feel like New York is where all things are really possible. It is also one of my many dreams to see a live Broadway musical in New York and now it will come true. We will be seeing Miss Saigon, Waitress, and Kinky Boots. I am most excited about seeing Waitress because I had not heard of it before. I looked it up and it's pretty crazy but also pretty real.

I hope that while meeting the Miss Saigon cast I will be able to learn more about Broadway as a career choice. I have always been interested in 9/11 as well. Being able to visit the memorial will hopefully answer all my questions. I am also excited to learn more about the fashion there because I heard that New York is three years ahead of Los Angeles in fashion, Hawaii is three years behind Los Angeles. I hope to see more culture and how people in New York differ from people in Hawaii. I feel like people there will be very different. I hope to have learned something new by the time I get back, and I'm sure I will.

If I am able to experience Broadway and New York further in depth it will allow me to decide whether or not the performing arts and New York is really for me. As of right now I would like to be a performer in the future. Being able to have this opportunity to ask a cast about their thoughts on Broadway and the performing arts in general as a career, I think will help me make that decision. Also being able to experience the people, city life, fast pace, and New York style will help me better feel if I really belong in New York.

In the end I am just really excited and very thankful for this opportunity.

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