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Pre-NYC Trip: AnGellique

Aloha, my name is An’Gellique Kaeo and I am going to be a 9th grader at Kamehameha. I have been with Nanakuli HIgh and Intermediate Performing Arts Center for the last four years. It’s been awesome to be a part of shows like Lion King Jr., Let’s Get Loud, and being able to travel to perform for the Governor are just a few of the many wonderful experiences that I have been able to participate in through NPAC.

The reason I want to go on this trip is because it's a different focus from the last time I went up to New York. The last time I went up we focused on greeting the Hokule'a and it was a more of a cultural trip and not for enjoying the city and sights. The main focus was just greeting the Hokule'a. The only time we went in Times Square or around that area was at night and almost all the shops were closed and you could barely see anything else except the screens on the buildings. We only really stayed in our hotel it the Bronx.

We only saw one Broadway show and an Alvin Ailey show, but it was hard to stay up and enjoy both shows because we saw the Broadway show when we first arrived and I was tired. The Alvin Ailey show was after a long day of walking and biking at Central Park so it was hard to stay awake. This trip we get to go to three Broadway shows, have a workshop, go sightseeing, go shopping, visit colleges, and really anything that has to do with performing arts.

I'm really excited to just go sightseeing and have different experiences in New York because again it's a different focus from the last time I went up because performing arts is one of my passions. One thing I’m really excited about is to see the show Miss Saigon and to have dinner with the cast. I like that I will be able to talk with the performers. Also, since I’m already starting high school and need to start thinking about colleges, I’m glad that we are going to visit two colleges.

I want to learn more about the business and what it takes to be on Broadway. By going to workshops it will give me a glimpse into the backstage preparation of performance. The shows will let me see the end results of the hard work and dedication of the performers. I also want to make a future out of learning these skills. I also want to see/learn what directors want in their performances. By going backstage, participating in workshops, eating with the cast, and watching the shows it will help broaden my mind to the experience of performing. Hopefully I will get a better understanding of performance as a career.

By going on this trip, I can see if I want to be on Broadway or go to college in New York. I can see what the colleges that we will be touring have to offer. I can also see if I want to major in performing arts also.

While this may be my last trip with NPAC, I have been given a lot of chance to explore my passion of performing. I know that this trip will help me to decide if performance is something I will continue and if college in New York is in my future. I thank all those people that helped support me in making New York a reality.

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