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Pre-NYC Trip Blog: Isaiah

Hey it’s me Isaiah Jones Timson, and I am so blessed to be able to go on this amazing journey to New York City with NPAC. Let me tell you how I am feeling about this trip.

I am going to go on this trip because I hope to grow up and be in showbiz and New York is the perfect place to learn how to be in showbiz. I also hope to learn skills about performing arts from the three shows that we are going to attend, Miss Saigon, Waitress, and Kinky Boots.

I am excited about meeting the cast of Miss Saigon because my grandma said it was amazing. It is my dream to be in showbiz so I am really excited to meet professional singers, actors and dancers. I want to ask the performers of Miss Saigon about how they remember their lines, how difficult is it living as a performer, what education you need, how often do they see their families and how difficult it was to get their parts. I am also excited about seeing Kinky Boots and Waitress. I think shopping will be the most fun thing for me. It is going to be awesome seeing the millions of city lights, Time Square, billboards, buying New York souvenirs and riding a subway. Even better my grandpa is coming with us. He is my biggest supporter and deserves to enjoy it as much as me. We all will be making great memories to last our life.

I hope to learn about performing skills so I can apply it to my acting, dancing, and singing. When I watch the shows that we are going to see, I will watch how they perform and how they grab my attention, and take what they did and try to apply that to myself when I perform.

I can’t wait to go to New York because it will show me a small part of this big world and help me decide if showbiz is in my future. I think being able to meet the Miss Saigon cast and ask them questions will help prepare me for the future because I can use what they tell us and apply it when I perform. This trip also helped prepare me for the future because I had to work in order to pay for this trip. I spent last summer selling homemade food at the Farmers Market with my grandparents. During the school year I sold spam musubis and slime. It was hard work but I really wanted to experience all the sights and culture of New York City and the hard work paid for this trip.

Thanks Mr. Kitsu for making this hapen for all of us. I am so excited and ready to bring my ALOHA to New York! Can’t wait any longer!

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