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Disneyland Performance Reflection by Andrew

For me going on this trip was more for a performance, I was nervous from before we even did our preview show the week before. I mean I know it's what we do on touring shows but this was an out of State trip. Going to Disneyland to perform was just something I could only imagine of doing. But then the excitement started to hit me as soon as we got to the airport to see my fellow cast members and our director. All that was running through my mind is "Oh my god!! This is really happening!"


For the first two nights in California I wasn't sleeping easy cause I all I could do was worry about the performance. Food was my highlight on the first 2 days as well as some rides. Our first night dinner was at Mimis Café.

2014-06-26 19.31.24.jpg

Next day we had some fun and rode some rides, from Toy Story Mania, California Screaming, and yes I even rode Mickeys Fun Wheel!! Not the stationary one, the one that slides. Lol. I was having a wonderful time with my fellow cast members, they had laughs at me and with me.


Tortilla Joes was lunch, by far the best Mexican Food. What better way to end of the night then to watch World Of Color!!! My favorite show!! Amazing first two days, I had so much fun but more nerves kicked in as showtime came closer.


Well before our show we had an amazing workshop with an amazing choreographer Shelly. She gave us some tips and tricks for future performances on how to stand, facial expressions, and how to just let it go and just go for it. She taught us how Walt Disney started with a song called "A Suitcase And A Dream." We got to sing the song as a cast and perform a dance routine with it. It was amazing and it was a stress reliever for our performance coming up in an hour after the workshop. It actually broke the ice, we were ready.


It was showtime, all dressed and warmed up, backstage and as they announced us, that's when I knew it was real and it was time to own that stage. After our first number some of us were shaking. I wanted to cry and thank and hug Mr. Kitsu. Sure this was his dream, but it opened up my mind to more possibilities. It was finally over after our final song. All I could think was "yes! We did it! It's over." I was finally relieved and sad at the same time. Performing in Disneyland was just dreams and words to share to other people, but actually saying it on the say we perform was just incredible cause it was about to happen. It created more memories, just like the London and Scotland trip, it was an incredible moment that will never be forgotten. There were so many people to thank, from all of help back at home from PVT, to our supporters for years, our parents, the cast members, also our Disney Cast member Sammy and Shelly, Mr. Kitsu and family, and our new friend Derek.




After our celebration lunch with the Kitsus and fellow cast members at ESPN ZONE (First timer by the way), I had what we call "A Kanak Attack." Lol. Plus I knew I could finally rest easy without nerves waking me up multiple times. Plus we needed some rest as the next day was Universal Studios. I know I've been there in the previous year, but the whole experience is still amazing, seeing behind the scenes, stage studios, and all the magic that comes with it. In my opinion, Universal Studios is my Disneyland. Went on more rides with more people then last year and even the new Minion Mayhem Ride. Walked around for awhile and even got noticed from Optimus Prime cause me, Tali, and Alice were wearing our San Francisco 49er Jerseys, and we weren't even in line to see him. Got to watch Water World for the first time, and I have to say, WOW!! It was amazing, never got to see it last year, the cast members were so into it, their acting, their stamina, their focus, and their passion. I loved every second, I was so into the show I was shouting and everything cause it was so believable.


It was dinner time at The Saddle Ranch, but before dinner the restaurant had a mechanical bull. So of course Tali, Brandon, and I had to take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience. All of us went on one by one, of course the bull didn't like me either so I tried reasoning with it. Lol. But I was shocked that sweet talking the bull didn't work. After a painful ride, it was time to eat. The service was great and the chefs in the back had prepared special treats for us, 5 huge cups full of cotton candy for the cast members. It was delicious after our amazing meal. But that wasn't all, they also gave us another treat, they gave us more desert. They gave us ingredients to make s'mores outside the restaurant by the pit. Amazing day and it was time to prepare for another day of rides and Medieval Times that await us the next morning.


Time to wake up!! Early morning in Disneyland, did some shopping, rode some rides, and even skipped down some streets in excitement. Then went to pick up our Van Rentals to do some more activities later on in the week. So of course we're going to have fun with van to our first visit to Red Robins!! Yummmmmm....yes I sang that just now. Amazing food with amazing people. Love my director and cast members. We drove around to a couple stores but we had to get back to get ready for some Medieval Times. The idea of being in a castle with knights who battle and everything was just outstanding. Just like the actors at Universal Studios, they had it all, they got the crowd pumped, they got me screaming at the top of my lungs, booing, cheering, eating my chicken, cheering more, eating my ribs, screaming more, drinking my pepsi, and cheering again. Although our Knight did not win (you tried Yellow Knight) we still had fun cheering for another knight that didn't take out ours. After coming back to he hotel, of course some of us went back to Disneyland to have more fun, and for me it was to go shopping.


Tuesday, it was time to go to do more, that's right you guessed it, SHOPPING!! Some of us were excited for Daiso store, I was a big store that sold items at a very cheap price. I traveled next door to Goodwill where I made some purchases. Then our awesome director decided to take us to Forever 21 and Ross. All of us were so happy to do some clothes shopping. I mean who doesnt. After our morning shopping adventure, it was back to Disneyland, cause it just loves us so much it keeps calling for us. Went on some more rides, but this time I was more interested in finding characters and taking pictures with them. They never break character and you always gotta study your character so you can fully become your character. Glad to be a part of a program the prepares us so much for that type of business. Parade time, had to sit down early for the Frozen float, since I wasn't gonna wait for more than an hour to see the characters. Haha. I gotta admit, it was very nice to see them look so alike to the movie. After the parade, had to take picture with one more character, and that was Captain America. He had a few questions ready for him, but he had never broke character. Being in character for many times a day must confusing sometimes, I'm surprised if they write their characters name instead of their real names if needed.



Wednesday, the final day in Disneyland, took advantage, went early, rode all the rides we needed to finish, and watched another one of my favorite shows Mickeys Magical Map. The dancing, the singing, the designs, the imagination out into this performance was just simply amazing. It captures you to want to dance and sing along with them, I know I sang all the songs they did along with them. It was time for our final dinner in California at Joes Crab Shack. Had to get our seafood grub on of course, it was total satisfaction, even though what I ordered was super spicy, it was worth it, it got me stuffed. You could tell we were a performing arts group, that everywhere we went, if they ask you to sing and dance along, some of us wouldn't hesitate to do so.

2014-07-02 18.34.07.jpg
2014-07-02 17.43.09.jpg
2014-07-02 17.42.09.jpg

I would never trade this family and friends for anything, this is the best memory by far in NPAC. It was time to leave L.A. and go back home. 6 days of play for 1 day of work. Looking foward to seeing NPAC in having more mainland performances. Thank you Mr. Kitsu, Michelle, and Chloe for everything you've done to get us this far. I'm proud to say I'm a part of this program. Thank you to all of supporters, the parents, the cast, the fellow alumni past and present. Without any of you, we wouldn't have a program. Again, thank you Mr. Kitsu.

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