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Disneyland Performance Reflection by Kacy

Last year was my first time to Disneyland and being there was great, but seeing all the performers and cast members at Disneyland made me feel so happy. Just the fact that they put so much hard work and dedication to make someone’s day brighter was something very amazing for me to experience, and ever since then, I knew what I wanted to do.


After I came back from that trip, we had our first rehearsal and Mister had everyone sitting in a circle. He passed out some papers and said, “We’re gonna perform in Disneyland.” I couldn’t stop smiling, it was just amazing. Since then, the cast worked hard in not only practicing our performance, but raising money so that we could go.


We got to attend a workshop at Disney. Our Disney workshop director, Shelly, gave us lots of great tips and advice. I learned that posture puts impressions on people. She told us that posture gives off confidence. Confidence makes you look and feel like nothing can stop you, nothing can hold you down, even if you don’t know what you are doing. I learned that with being a performer, everything is fast pace, so you really gotta be on your feet. It’s one number after another. And no matter what, you smile even though the world is getting you down, you don’t let it. Shelly taught us that you just get on that stage and be the best you can be and put your heart out on stage because that’s what being a performer is all about. Performing is doing what you love, to make other people smile. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. It’s about heart and passion.


It was performance time. With Shelly’s tips and advice in hand, we got up on that stage and poured it all out. We were there, in Disneyland. We were really doing this. The feeling of being on a Disney stage, performing on an actual Disney stage was so incredible. I could feel the confidence and energy beaming from each one of the NPACers. We all remembered what Shelly said, and let it all out. It felt amazing!

I would like to thank everyone at Disneyland who taught us more about performing and “the biz”. So far, the cast has definitely put your advice into practice. Also, we couldn’t have done it without all of our supporters. I just want to thank each and every one of you. Without your donations, love, and support, we couldn’t have done it.


Thank you for helping my personal dream come true. I am very grateful to have shared this experience with my friends. Thank you to “Mister”, our NPAC director for putting this all together, so that we could all go on this magical journey… and thank you also, to Michelle, for taking care of all of our costuming and taking care of all of us. Once again, thank you to everyone who put their time and dedication into helping us achieve this dream!

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