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Bailey: Final Senior Thoughts

So I guess this is it. My last blog as an NPAC student.

Looking back to my seventh grade year, I'd never thought NPAC would get me this far. I still remember my first rehearsal, the cast was small enough to fit in Mr.Kitsu's little classroom. I was so scared, I came in with no friends, little experience, and for the first time I was without my mom. I was placed in the back row for every song, exactly where I wanted to be.

Now, six years later, the cast can barely fit on the stage, I have a growing family, more life experiences than ever imagined, and a huge heart for performing! However, NPAC has done much more than just that! Although it took me a lead role to understand it, I learned to grow up, but have fun, to have confidence, but stay humble, and to alway remember where I came from.

To the casts, supporters and alumni throughout the years, thank you for growing up with me, for accepting me into your lives, for teaching me right from wrong, and for adding to my family.

Thank you to my Barnes tribe for pushing me to chase for my dreams, supporting me through my good and bad choices, and helping me fulfill my passion.

Kitsu family, I cannot express how truly appreciative I am for everything you've done and continue to do for not only me but for NPAC. All the time you put into the program is irreplaceable yet you risk it all for us students. You guys never ask us for anything but you give us it all. I thank you again for everything!

Last but never least, God, you placed your super upon my natural and made me unstoppable. You pulled me out of suffrage and put me in this program for a reason, and I thank you for it. It has been the best six years of my life. So thank you lord for placing such amazing people in my life and for making my six years with NPAC unforgettable.

So with that, I say goodbye to NPAC but not to the life lessons I've learned here. Thanks to NPAC I can say I'm ready for what life throws at me in the "adult world".

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