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Post Joseph Thoughts: Deja

Aloha Everyone! Deja here with an NPAC update!

The cast is happy to announce that after months of planning, preparation and grueling rehearsals, we have closed the curtains and said “goodbye” to our spring musical production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Beginning on March 14th and running to the 23rd, the cast worked hard at making each performance a fun, entertaining and interactive production. After 7 successful shows, the cast is nothing but proud and excited for the final semester ahead. Between dress rehearsals and weekend practices, the cast really learned and grew together. We had our issues and our share of disagreements but what I really enjoyed about this cast was our ability to sit down and find the root of our issues and deal with them as a group. It was an ability that really contributed to our overall success.

I can honestly say that this production has been one of the more memorable ones for me because it was the final musical production for the seniors in the program; which include myself and cast member Bailey.

After six years in the NPAC program, the thing that I took away from this production, and I know I can speak for Bailey when I say this, was a genuine feeling of gratefulness. Grateful for the cast, grateful for the people that dedicated time and effort to making the show a great one; just grateful for the opportunity to stand on stage and do what we simply love to do.

With only a few weeks left in our NPAC year, we still have a handful of adventures and memories to look forward to as a cast and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the program. Please keep up with our blog to hear the latest news on NPAC and our upcoming productions. Until next time!

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