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Personal Thoughts: Mr. Kitsu

It's a day before we depart for DC and this once in a lifetime experience. As much as the students have shared their thanks and appreciation to others and NPAC, I too want to share my thanks to all who have supported NPAC and to the NPAC program. But a special thank you from me to the students and their families of NPAC past and present. For without them, we have no NPAC. And much like the students, the NPAC has provided me with many once in a lifetime experiences.

But this one is special . . . from the out of the blue invitation for an all expense paid trip to participate in the Grammy Museum In Performance at the White House Workshop three weeks ago to being told we were denied entrance to the White House to then being told we were back in (thanks to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and her staff and NPAC supporter David Sayre) to the details of the two day workshop . . . add to all this, several of our NPAC family making it to final round of Lion King auditions (although none were selected, the experience they gained was tremendous), to the growth of the Joseph cast and our excitement in presenting it to everyone . . . it has been three weeks of an emotional roller coaster.

Again, Thank you to AEG for sponsoring us and giving us this wonderful opportunity, to Hawaii Community Foundation for recommending NPAC to AEG, to PVT Land for their generous donation which will enable us to attend the The Washington Ballet: British Invasion: The Beatles & The Rolling Stones at the Kennedy Center, the families and supporters for helping with the omiyage items, NHIS Principal, Darin Pilialoha and Nanakuli/Waianae Complex Area Superintendent, Ann Mahi for approving this event with such a short turnaround time, to Gail Gomes of West Side Stories for literally "Stopping the Presses" when word came out that we were denied entrance to the White House and then editing the story about our trip, NHIS Assistant Principal, Gerald Lum for his generous donation to the students for this trip, and to the NPAC alumni staff especially Andrew and Kele for their work with the Joseph cast. I know I'm probably missing other names but know that we do appreciate all that everyone has done for us.

So we hope you will follow our "adventure" to DC and the music workshop on both Facebook and our NPAC website. By the way, the White House workshop that we will be attending is supposed to be streamed live at 6:00 am Hawaii Time (11:00 am DC Time) on Thursday, March 6 at the link below. Also, after the broadcast, it most likely will be archived for future viewing.

Thanks everyone again!

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