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Personal Thoughts: Bailey

Just the thought that in less than 48 hours five young performers and their director will be flying out to an opportunity of a lifetime, is life changing in itself.

However, to know that everything I said is actually true, that is unbelievable. You think one guy from Hawaii in the White House is beyond record breaking, imagine the White House filled with Hawaiians.

When Mr. Kitsu first sat us down to tell us as a group that we were going to the White House we all sat there with disbelief, not just for that moment, but for the entire rehearsal.

Personally speaking, to this day, I still sit here not fully understanding what I’m about to get myself into. I continue to tell myself I am not worthy of all of this. On the other hand, we all quickly learned not to complain about this huge blessing AEG, the Grammy Museum, the White House, our NPAC Supporters, the Kitsu family, and God has set before us. I am just truly blessed and grateful for such an amazing growing family.

I can’t wait to meet new people, experience a new culture, become more knowledgeable about music, and share the “aloha spirit” with the country. I’m sure the five girls can all say we’ll be good, be great, be proud, and be NPAC.

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