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NYC Post Trip Blog: An`Gellique

Aloha, it’s An’Gellique Kaeo, back again with another blog about my amazing trip with NPAC to New York.

My top three highlights of the New York trip was, meeting the cast from the three shows (Waitress, Kinky Boots, and Miss Saigon).

Another highlight for me was being able to see different perspectives of being a performer on Broadway. I also enjoyed The Ride because the hosts, Jackie and Scott were pretty funny and gave us the history of New York while entertaining us. I also enjoyed the street performers on The Ride too.

My last highlight would have to be, being able to experience the city and seeing how the city works, and how the people act so different from people in Hawaii.

This trip has taught me that it takes a lot of practice and dedication to be a performer. We were told that while at the auditions we need to be ourselves. I would have never thought that because when you’re acting you are portraying someone else. They also made us realize that something as simple as you don't fit the costume is why you might not get the part, so don't take things personally.

This trip has changed me because I realized to be a performer it's not about perfection. The trip has made me want to be a performer more than ever. The experience of the workshop, being backstage, and watching shows helped me to understand Broadway and how the industry of performing works.

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