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NYC Post Trip Blog: Kai

New York is oozing Broadway shows, beautiful city lights, and it definitely never goes to sleep. It was amazing to be there.

I especially liked the time when we went to have a dancing and singing workshop with one of the cast members from Miss Saigon. The reason I liked having the workshop is because I think it is fun when you get to interact with people that are well known and professional. It was also cool to see my friends and cast mates have fun when singing and dancing. When they learn something new and when they hear their favorite song so they start singing and dancing it was funny and cool to see them have so much fun.

I also liked when we went to Juilliard's campus. I liked going to Juilliard so much because it is my dream school and where I would like to study drama. I also like how the school helps you with your dreams and always has your back. For example, when you're in the music department Juilliard helps you get gigs to start you off on your journey.

My favorite of all is when we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. I thought it was amazing to see your own waitress sing to one of your favorite Broadway songs or to see them sing at all; I was amazed at how talented they were.

I learned very valuable lesson by going to New York. One thing that really stuck with me was the answer that almost every person said, which was to never give up on your dreams. No matter what happens never give up and believe that you can do it even through the hard times.

I also learned that I like to explore when I am in a new place. Going to New York made me want to stay even longer because I like how you are never alone and it is never quiet. However, it made me realize that Hawaii is way more cleaner on the streets than New York which helps me see why Hawaii is a tropical paradise.

New York is the land of opportunities because one of the many students in Juilliard since they graduated they were in a well known musical called Hamilton. Phillipa Soo graduated from Juilliard and she played Eliza. Therefore, this makes me want to go to Juilliard even more for college. I want to go to Juilliard to pursue my dream of being in the performing arts industry. It is also appealing to me to go to Juilliard because of the high success rate that all their students have in the industry.

In conclusion I think the New York is amazing and is a place of opportunities. I hope that I get to go to New York again in the future.

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