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Pre-NYC Trip Blog: Kai

Aloha everyone. I am Kaiolohia Beaver but, you all might know me as Kai. In this journal I will be talking about what I can’t wait to do in New York and how it will probably benefit me in the future.

The reason I am going on this trip is because I want to learn more about the world of performing arts. Being in NPAC for three years has given me inspiration about what I may want to do with my life.

The thing that I am most excited about is that we are going to watch the musical Kinky Boots. I have heard great things about that musical so I can’t wait to watch the musical. Hopefully this play will reach my expectations. I’m also excited about tasting the different food. For example, going to a Indian restaurant or an Italian restaurant where we do not usually eat the food they have because we have different food in Hawaii. I just love food in general and I like to try new things.

I hope that going to New York will help me gain experience in traveling and the performing arts. Through the experiences on this trip, I can use it in college to help me gain relationships with new people and help me out on becoming an actor by experiencing different types of people and traditions. I also hope that when we eat dinner with the cast of Miss Saigon I can learn more about acting and the hard work that needs to be put in it. I also want to ask them, what was the hardest stage of becoming an actor?

Like I said in the paragraph before, I would like to ask the Miss Saigon cast many questions about acting so I can do well in acting and have a little more experience. I want to become a professional actress, so I think if I get that advice it’ll help me in the future. Hopefully I’ll also learn about singing and dancing so I can get better and more experience in those subject areas too.

So I can't wait any longer! I want this journey to begin!

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