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Daphnei's Final NPAC Thoughts

Aloha readers, My name is Daphnei and I can’t believe i’m writing my last blog as a student of the Nanakuli High and Intermediate School’s Performing Arts Center.

Joining NPAC in 2012 I would’ve never pictured myself as someone who is confident, or even brave. I wasn’t a very popular kid, I was always in the background and never really talked much.

But through my four year journey, today I am proud to say that I AM brave, I AM confident, I have a better work ethic, I understand the meaning of respect, and I care about everyone around me.

I owe this all to NPAC. This program year after year generates leaders and helps them to develop skills in so many different areas in a variety of ways.

Little things like cleaning up after ourselves, doing things without being told, helping others without them asking and treating everyone with respect are definitely life lessons that I carry with me everyday no matter where I go. NPAC has also helped me become better prepared for the work force and currently where I am employed now.

Never in a million years would I forget about this program. Not only because of all that I’ve learned but also because of the emotional healing and the restoration of my insecurities that this program has done.

I don’t have a perfect childhood story and I never grew up with a perfect family, But joining this program in the epitome of the most scarring times of my life had changed me. NPAC created a safe haven, it filled the void of belonging in my life and placed people in my life who not only support me but love and care about me also.

On top of all of this, I discovered my passion. When I was younger I would sing so loudly and off tuned but I knew I liked it. Joining NPAC and getting the opportunity to not only sing but dance and act professionally on the stage reassured my passion for it and I fell in love.

I am currently in the stage of my life where blessings after blessing are happening and opportunities seem to be coming my way but I owe it all to not only NPAC but Mr.Kitsu.

Without this program I would’ve never been able to say that I’ve been to White House, I’ve been to LA for a 3 week conservatory at one of the best performing arts college in the world, and I would never be able to say that I’ve performed for the Governor of Hawaii three times.

As I said earlier Mr. Kitsu has played a big role in all of this that he will never take enough credit for. Mr. Kitsu and his family have done so much for me and if it wasn’t for NPAC and him allowing me to be a part of it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’ve developed skills through the program that originate from the Kitsu's. Mister, Michelle and Chloe have allowed me to grow into a person with better work ethic and a humble spirit and I will always appreciate all of their work, time, and dedication to changing people’s lives through NPAC.

I didn’t expect this blog to be as long as it is but I will end it now by just saying “THANK YOU” to the Kitsu Family, the Alumni and staff, the parents, the supporters and so much more you all should be proud of what this program has done and continue to do for everyone involved.

Oh and as for the current and future cast, NEVER GIVE UP!

Thank you for your time.

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