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Deja: Final Senior Thoughts

Aloha! Deja here with my final blog for NPAC.

It was only six years ago, a seventh grader with dreams of becoming a superstar walked into Mr. Kitsu’s green classroom. At the time, she had no idea what her future would be or what kind of impact the people in that room would make on her life.

Six years later, I still have to remind myself that little girl was me; selfish, cowardly and unsure, I stood in Mr. Kitsu’s classroom six years ago, looking for some sort of answer. Looking for a place to belong. Never would that girl have thought she would stand on stage in front of hundreds and dance without fear or take the lead in a play as an underclassmen. She couldn't have imagined performing on the royal mile in Scotland, hearing Big Ben chime in London or listening to the first lady speak at the White House.

For this girl, none of this seemed possible because, despite her daydreams, things like that just weren't possible. Six years later, I can’t help but smile when I think back over all of the things I’ve accomplished in NPAC. Finding my passion but more importantly, finding myself. It is with a bittersweetness, I bid farewell to this huge piece of my life and look to using the skills I’ve learned with NPAC in the real-world.

To everyone who has ever had a piece in this journey, “thank you.” I would be silly to think I could have accomplished half of the things I have without your help. To the current cast members and members I’ve worked with in the past, thank you for inviting and allowing me into your lives. I’ve never found a group that I can honestly call my second family. You all have taken that title with flying colors.

To my actual family, you’ve each given up your time to contribute to my dreams and passion. Not many families can stand behind their children but you all are such a blessing and the biggest motivators in my life.

And finally to the Kitsu family, I truly appreciate every single thing you’ve done for every single kid in NPAC. You’ve changed the lives of hundred’s and you’ve taught me the value of following my dreams. With only a few rehearsals left in preparation for the final performance at Disneyland this Summer, the countdown to my future has begun and, because of NPAC, I’m ready for whatever that means. Until next time! Be good, be great, be proud, be NPAC!

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