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Women of Soul White House: Dorian's Reflection

Where can I start with this amazing trip?

Well let's start from the first day. The plane rides were crazy, but all of it was worth it.

When we got to Washington D.C. we immediately covered up because it was freezing. We went to the hotel and then rode the metro to an amazing restaurant called fogo de chao. Let me tell you, it was amazing the food and service where amazing. Mostly all the places we ate at the food and people working there where very good.

After that we hit the metro again and went to our hotel to find we all couldn't sleep there was too much excitement going on.

The next day we left early for our workshop and oh my it was cold, but I got to see snow for the first time in my life; it was cold. I loved it I always wanted to see snow, and my dream came true.

We later went to the workshop were we got to meet Bob Santelli and some of the other schools participating in the event.

Everyone who helped to make everything happen were so nice you could tell they really loved what they were doing for us.

The big day! The White House day. We were all so tired but we knew what was ahead of us would keep us on our feet. Going to the White House was unbelievable especially being 2 feet away from the First Lady. It's a crazy feeling. She was so motivating it made me more thankful that I had the honor of being in the same room and had the opportunity to enter her home it was amazing. Especially being right there by Patti LaBelle, Janelle Monae, and Melissa Etheridge three amazing women of soul. Their messeges to all of us were so inspiring each of there stories, triumphs,and failures were helpful and motivating. I may not be going into the music business but listening to them it wasn't just towards music, but for anything and no matter what we can do whatever if we just believe and work hard enough.

After leaving the White House we set off on our big adventure. Trying to see the memorials and monuments on our last day. Like I keep saying it was freezing, but seeing the Lincoln memorial and the Vietnam, Korean memorial warmed up my heart. Lincoln was huge I always saw him on tv. but actually being there and seeing him was another dream come true.

After being in the cold forever we got to sit down and watch a very interesting, but beautiful ballet to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. I was so happy when one of my all time favorite song from the Beatles came on, " obla-di-obla-da" and I'm happy to say that was the best dance number.

Now we are leaving and going home. It's sad but I'm very happy and very grateful that I got chosen to participate in this trip. I learned so much from the three women and also from Washington I learned its to cold and I miss home, but I know I'm missing Washington too.

I learned that if I work hard enough I can be the change I want to see in everything and if I believe I can do anything no matter what. I thank everyone that made all of this happen all of you are amazing and I am very thankful.

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