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Personal Thoughts: Deja

This time next week I'll, most likely, be getting out of bed; slowly trying to readjust my internal clock to sync with Hawaii time. It will be a well-deserved rest after a week of ongoing excitement and activity.

By this time next week, NPAC will have made Hawaii history.

It all came as a complete shock for the six of us (my director, Mr.Kitsu and four other student performers in my arts program) who had not been expecting anything of this magnitude to hit us.

The news that we had been invited to the White House seemed almost like a dream to the group. And seemingly even more unbelievable was the news that we would be in the same room as our first lady and several popular faces in soul music.

We knew in that moment, this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The past two weeks have been nothing but hectic, with Mr. Kitsu finalizing every piece of the trip to the best of his ability and getting the news out to our teachers, families, and friends.

As a group, we've begun preparing ourselves for the cold weather and week-long stay. It's already been an exciting preparation, we can't wait to see what this next week has in store.

Please keep track of our journey and follow along with us as we blog our daily experiences up until we touch down back home on Oahu next week. Wish us the best!

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