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Last Update: July 8, 2024

Nānākuli High and Intermediate School Performing Arts Center

Changing Lives Through the Performing Arts: 
Acting, Singing, Dance . . . and Family


The Nānākuli High and Intermediate School Performing Arts Center has produced more than100 different productions and performances, ranging from such Broadway musicals as"Disney's Beauty and the Beast" to dramatic plays to various musical revue shows. NPAC is open to any public school student in grades 1 to 12. Enrollment for new students is in August of the new school year.

NPAC is Open to New Students for the 

2024-2025 School Year 

Dreaming of the spotlight? Here’s your chance to shine! NPAC is now recruiting for next year’s season, and we want YOU to join our family of talented performers. 

Whether you’re a singer, dancer, or actor, or even if you’re looking to discover a new passion, NPAC offers a place to grow, shine, and connect with fellow students. Dive into exciting new roles, learn from experienced mentors, and take center stage in our upcoming productions!

Ready to make magic with us? Hit the link in our bio to register and become part of something truly special. Let’s light up the stage together in the next school year!


The Nānākuli Performing Arts Center (NPAC) is thrilled to celebrate the release of the documentary "Dream Big: Nānākuli at the Fringe" on YouTube. This inspiring film chronicles the journey of NPAC students and alumni who, in 2011, traveled from Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, to Scotland to perform at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world. 

Emerging from a school once perceived as the "worst" in Hawaiʻi, these talented performers demonstrated exceptional resilience and skill, proudly representing the United States on an international stage. When financial hurdles threatened their dream, the Hawaiʻi community stepped up, ensuring this life-changing journey could take place. The documentary captures the emotional and transformative experiences of everyone involved, highlighting the journey's profound impact.

"Dream Big: Nānākuli at the Fringe" goes beyond just a performance story. It celebrates the enduring values and mission of NPAC, focusing on the power of dreams, community support, and the transformative nature of the arts.

NPAC extends its deepest gratitude to writer, producer, director Roy Kimura, videographer Glenn Yamamoto, and PBS Vice President Robert Pennybacker for believing in NPAC's vision and bringing this documentary to life. Their commitment to telling this story has been instrumental in showcasing the spirit and talent within NPAC.

Don't miss this extraordinary story of determination, community, and artistic passion. 


NPAC on HI Now Morning Show


"As a long-time professional actor, fight director, and theatre educator, I've been singularly impressed by Nanakuli Performing Arts Center's program. They offer children of all ages a caring place to grow as young artists, quality preparation for a career in the performing arts, and the experience of creating something beautiful and nurturing each other along the way. I cannot recommend NPAC enough to any young person who is interested in seeing their dreams take flight. We are proud to partner with them in offering quality professional performing arts training."
- Nicolas Logue, Assistant Professor, Head of Theatre at Windward Community College.
"Nanakuli Performing Arts Center does a fantastic job of teaching students skills for succeeding in their lives personally and professionally by encouraging them to discover and experience the gifts they individually possess to share with the world. I have watched students blossom and command the stage in their performances. NPAC instills confidence and stimulates curiosity and allows the student to explore and become responsible for the choices they make. They learn personal accountability and they also learn empathy and respect. No one ever really performs on a stage alone. It takes a team to support you and lift you so that you can shine in your own moment. Being a part of NPAC teaches students the importance of finding their own strengths and talents as well as learning teamwork and being part of a collective thriving performing arts group. I believe that becoming a member of NPAC encourages students and those around them to expand their experiences, develop their talents and find the confidence to conquer the world!"

- Loretta Ables Sayre, Tony Nominated Actress

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Who We Are


Since 1991, the Nānākuli High and Intermediate School Performing Arts Center or NPAC has provided students from grades 4 to 12 from any public school the opportunity to learn and apply performance, academic, and self-esteem skills through the process of staging over 90 productions and performances.


In 2011, the NPAC was selected to perform at the American High School Theatre Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.


There were 2200 schools that were nominated to perform and only 62 schools were selected and NPAC was one of them.


The NPAC is one of 29 Learning Centers in the state that focuses on a specialized area for students from any school.  


This after school program has enriched the lives of students from various schools and across the island.


What We Do
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". . . Schools that incorporate music, art, drama, dance . . . into the basic curriculum have found that teaching the arts has a significant effect on overall success in school.  Because the arts are closeley associated with important ideas and events inhistory, students who have a good background in the arts are likely to have a richer source of information and insight to draw upon, compared to those who do not study the arts . . . "


-The College Board, Profile of SAT and Achievement Test Takers


Top 5 Things I Learned From Making NPAC's

"Dream Big, Nanakuli at the Fringe" Documentary


A talk by Roy Kimura, writer, director, and producer of

"Dream Big; Nanakuli at the Fringe" Documentary

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